Site designed for the beginning computer musicians
Beginning instructions in MIDI, Computer music, DAWs, Digital Audio Workstations, ProTools, Sonar X1, Reaper, Band-in-a-Box, Music Theory Lessons, Jazz Arranging, Orchestration, and more

Home to articles written for newbies on how to use all of the wonderful software available to make music on your computer.  A forum where you can ask your questions without concern about being made to look silly because you can't figure out something that everyone else thinks is common knowledge.  Book reviews so you can decide if you really need to purchase it or not.  And a follow along to a college program that can be applied to most any DAW (it uses Pro Tools 8le).

June 5 2011
Reset the forum.  Now up with into section and Pro Tools 101 College course in 8 weeks section.  Obviously more to follow..
May 23 2011
Took down the forum I had set up.  I had installed it from a wizard on godaddy.com and couldn't get any support from them or phpbb.  PhpBB requires I install the files from their site in order for them to help me with anything and I will need a lot of help with everything.  So the entire forum has been removed and I will be reinstallling and setting it up in the next few days.
May 14, 2011
Set up files section with manuals from Naval School of Music.  Excellent basic music book, and Army's 4 part harmony writing book
April 28, 2011
Started adding more areas into the forums.  A little each day!
April 27 2011
Live presentation of site with basic forum set up for anyone to use.  Big plans.  Big hopes.  Big ideas.  A little at a time.

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